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Thank you for visiting our site. This is going to be a very exciting year for us as we launch our new, and greatly improved, website.
We have articles of interest, blank genealogy forms, and member stories, on a variety of topics.
Check out our links page. We have provided links to the archives of all fifty states plus the District of Columbia, Library of Congress, and the National Archives. When you go to the state archives list please be patient.  Some of these pages are quite large and take a second to load. 
All links have been checked and are working but if ever you find a broken link, please, do not hesitate to contact us.
We also will have links to many free, and mostly free, websites. Additionally, there are country specific links and topical links. And, we promise you that there are many more to come in the next few days.
August 24, 2015:
On TV - links to your favorite shows beginning with "Who Do You Think You Are" (see article below)
Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics (Click on Canada or Canada (French))
Ontario Genealogical Society (Click on Canada)
Norway Heritage: Hands Across the Sea (Click on Scandinavia which is a new category. Or click on Immigration.)
August 25, 2015:
Oklahoma & Indian Territory (Click on our new category "Native American")
British History Online (Click on "England & UK")
Tri- Counties Genealogy and History (Click on United States)
September 1, 2015:
New Scandinavian sites - Click on "Links" on this page. Then click "Scandinavia" on Categories page.
Nordic Migration from Scandinavia to America
National Archives of Norway
The Norwegian Historical Data Centre
Nordic Genealogical Society of Southern California
Swedish Roots: Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies
Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota 
Anbytarforum: Swedish Genealogy Forum
Swedish National Archives
Swedish Genealogy Guide
Hans Hogman's Genealogy and History Site
How Popular is Your Last Name? (Click on "On TV")
September 2, 2015:
Castle Garden (Click on "Links" then click on "Immigration")
Also, updates to Ellis Island and Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
September 2, 2015:
Canadian Census 1851 - 1911
4 Generation Pedigree Chart
5 Generation Pedigree Chart (two versions)
6 Generation Pedigree Chart
You will also find information on membership here and the benefits that are for members only. Just beneath the membership benefits button you will find our "Lending Library".  Click on this link to browse our many books that are available for lending to members.
This season begins with two classes in October both of which will be taught by Patti Kirk. The first will be "The Elusive Female".  This class will offer strategies for finding the females in your family tree.  
The second class will be "Vital Records from Indexing".  All classes will be $6.00 unless otherwise noted.
You can find a full listing of coming events by clicking on the "Events" button.  Once you click on the Events button you will see a calendar submenu.  Click on it to get the current, printable calendar.
This year we are planning two conference days. The first will be on Adoptions and the second will be on the Civil War. 
Also coming soon we will have fast facts, blogs, forums, and a section called "Take a Break" for when you need a little lift during your research. 
It is our desire that you join us for a little or a lot as your time allows.  And, certainly, if you have suggestions we would love to hear them.
We hope that you find something, or many things, that spark your interest and that you visit us again as we will be regularly adding new material. 
So, grab a cup of tea, browse through our offerings, and enjoy! 

                    Who Do You Think You 
If you missed any of this seasons episodes of WDYTYA we have a link to their page on TLC.
You can go here any time to view clips and full episodes from this and previous seasons by clicking on "Links" on this page and then clicking on our new "On TV" button on the categories page.
Happy Viewing! 

October 7
"The Elusive Female"
Please note that all class fees are $6.00 unless otherwise noted.
October 9
"The Elusive Female"
Please note that all class fees are $6.00 unless otherwise noted.
October 10
"The Elusive Female"
Please note that all class fees are $6.00 unless otherwise noted.
October 12
"The Elusive Female"
Please note that all class fees are $6.00 unless otherwise noted.